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White Blood Cell Diseases

...cells fight against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, tumor cells or other toxins. There are three differently shaped cell types among the leukocytes. Once the granulocytes, the lymphocytes, and the...

What Are Some Infectious Diseases

...to person are viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi or prions. However, it is also possible to transfer animals to humans. In addition, there are other infections that do not originate from...

Understanding, Symptoms, Treatment of bird flu

...environment infected by this virus. However, you will not catch this virus just because of eating pork. Risk factors for this infection are similar to other influenza viruses, such as:...

treatment and cause diarrhea

...long. Diarrhea that lasts a short Usually, this diarrhea is symptoms of intestinal infection, which is caused by: Viruses, such as rotavirus Bacteria, such as campylobacter Parasites, such as giardia...

Treating Chicken Pox

...infection. A high temperature to kill bacteria and viruses that cause illness. You should only consume fever-lowering drugs if you feel uncomfortable alone. Next, make sure you take care carefully...

Treatment of Skin Allergies

...viruses, including herpes simplex virus. Eye problems. Symptoms of eye complications including itching around the eyelid, blepharitis (blepharitis), and inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). Irritant dermatitis. It mainly affects people...
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