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Symptoms, Treatment of Ulcer (Furuncle / Furuncle)

...the laboratory. This check is performed to determine the appropriate antibiotics to fight bacteria that cause ulcers. symptom Ulcer started with a small hard lump, red, and painful. A few...

Understanding Disease Bad Breath and Halitosis

...the tongue that allows the bacteria to thrive Treatment Halitosis or bad breath for reasons water (like the aroma of breath when I wake up) can be solved by brushing....

Treatment of Skin Allergies

...A skin condition called neurodermatitis begins with patches of itchy skin. Skin infections. Scratching the skin repeatedly can cause open wounds. This increases the risk of infection from bacteria and...

Treating Chicken Pox

...infection. A high temperature to kill bacteria and viruses that cause illness. You should only consume fever-lowering drugs if you feel uncomfortable alone. Next, make sure you take care carefully...

treatment and cause diarrhea

...long. Diarrhea that lasts a short Usually, this diarrhea is symptoms of intestinal infection, which is caused by: Viruses, such as rotavirus Bacteria, such as campylobacter Parasites, such as giardia...

Gallstone disease (cholelithiasis)

...ducts that occurs will make the bacteria grow and flourish. As a result of infection arises in the ducts. The bacteria can also spread through the bloodstream and cause infections...

Understanding, Symptoms, Treatment of bird flu

...environment infected by this virus. However, you will not catch this virus just because of eating pork. Risk factors for this infection are similar to other influenza viruses, such as:...

The Foreign Object In Eyes

...eye, the risk for inflammation and infection will occur. Foreign objects usually contain germs, and the eye is a good medium for the growth of germs. Once the bacteria enter,...

Understanding Disease Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

...the urine caused by friction against kidney stones kidney or ureter. When kidney stones obstruct the ureter will be the accumulation of bacteria that can cause kidney infections. Symptoms of...
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