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Very Rare Diseases

...Community. [1] Many rare diseases are caused by a genetic defect.   What is a rare disease? “Rare diseases” are those disorders, of which only a comparatively small number of...

The Foreign Object In Eyes

...on. The foreign body is one cause of injury to the cornea and other eye diseases most frequently occur. The severity of damage to the eye depends on the size...

What Are Some Infectious Diseases

...Infectious diseases are still one of the most common causes of death worldwide. The causes, symptoms, treatment measures and consequences differ in a wide range of infectious diseases. Prevention...

White Blood Cell Diseases

...Function and diseases of the leukocytes in the blood. The blood count – leukocyte values – This diagnosis, too high values of the leukocytes, is an indication of a...

Yellow Eyes Disease

...outer layer of the thin eye except the cornea (black eye area). Yellow eyes may be a symptom of some of the following diseases: Jaundice Yellow eye is one of...

Diseases ADHD or Hyperactive

...ADHD is not known with certainty. However, a number of studies reveal that ADHD may be caused by genetic disorders and environmental or nongenetic. Here are some nongenetic factors that...

Definition, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment, Cause Autism

...autism, among others: biochemical imbalances genetic factors metabolic factors Some unusual cases, autism is caused by a viral infection (TORCH), other diseases such as phenylketonuria (enzyme deficiency disease), and X...
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