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treatment and cause diarrhea

...cases, diarrhea can last for weeks. Diarrhea situation in Indonesia Diarrhea is still a major health problem in developing countries, including Indonesia. This is because the morbidity rate (comparison between...

what is Dengue Fever ?

...pain as if the bones were broken. In some patients, dengue fever can be a disease that is life-threatening. Dengue fever in Indonesia Dengue hemorrhagic fever is still one public...

Definition, Symptoms, Treatment, Cause Asthma

...WHO estimates that about 235 million world population is asthmatic. According to data from the Health Data Research Department of Health Indonesia, 2013, asthmatics in Indonesia is 4.5 percent of...

Causes of Nicotine Disorder

...countries, including Indonesia. If smoking continues, then by 2020 there will be 10 million people who die from smoking every year. Complications Complications of nicotine disorders include heart, lung, cancer,...

Want a Successful Diet? 3 Things to Avoid It

...order to achieve a slim body and successfully lose weight, avoid some of the following: 1. Skipping breakfast Nearly 50 percent of people working in Indonesia did not have breakfast...
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