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Very Rare Diseases

...Rare diseases are often life-threatening or chronically restrictive diseases that require special treatment. Depending on the country or the federation, various criteria apply for classification as a rare disease....

What Are Some Infectious Diseases

...history Typical symptoms of infectious diseases: Joint pain a headache difficulties swallowing Swelling Redness itching nausea diarrhea chills Rash Atembfewerden fatigue The characteristic symptoms of the infectious disease are usually...

White Blood Cell Diseases

...Function and diseases of the leukocytes in the blood. The blood count – leukocyte values – This diagnosis, too high values of the leukocytes, is an indication of a...

Cause of Jaw Joints

...Understanding Jaw joint disturbance is a disturbance that is directly in the front area of ​​the ear on both sides of the head, where the upper and lower jaws...

Diseases ADHD or Hyperactive

understanding ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as hyperactivity. ADHD is a developmental disorder in an increase in motor activity of children that can last until...

Cause Muscle Pain

...or has experienced a traumatic event such as loss of a spouse. Diseases associated with muscles, joints, and bones. Eg rheumatoid arthritis.   Incoming search terms: viruses associated with cancer...
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