The understanding and treatment of disease Worms

Enterobiasis disease is one type of deworming. The disease is caused by pinworm infection. In general, the disease is commonly found in children.

Infection can occur due to ingestion of pinworm eggs are fertilized. The process usually takes place through the fingers dirty, contaminated food or inhalation of air contained pinworm eggs.

Enterobiasis disease diagnosis is done by gathering information through a series of medical interview. In this examination the doctor will ask the symptoms experienced by patients with intestinal worms.

It also carried out investigations. The inspection process is done by checking against the remnants of defecation (BAB) or stool in the laboratory. Positive results enterobiasis determined if the officers discovered worms or worm eggs.

Children who suffer from enterobiasis will experience certain symptoms. For example, itching around the anus in the morning, lack of appetite, and weight loss or a tough climb.

If left unchecked, this disease will lead to the complication, impaired absorption of food and malnutrition. Complications may occur if the disease is not treated completely worms.

Treatment for eneterobiasis done by providing de-worming. If one family member affected by worms, treatment should be given to the whole family, so that the spread of this worm can be stopped completely.

Prevention worms do with personal hygiene, or parents can maintain their cleanliness by doing the following:

  • Cut the nails that have been long and dirty
  • Always wash your hands before eating
  • Tearing food from dust
  • Wash thoroughly and regularly change clothes and mattress supports

The cause is infection by a worm wormy type of Enterobius vermicularis. How infection caused by ingestion of worm eggs inadvertently. After swallowing worm eggs, larvae will hatch and grow into adult worms in the colon.

When contaminated female worms, the worms are pregnant will move to the area around the anus to remove the eggs. In addition, eggs that have hatched around the anus can walk back into the colon through the anus.

This process often make sufferers experience itching around the anus. Itching often occurs at night so often disturb sleep sufferers and makes them weak.

Children are more susceptible to disease enterobiasis because often play in a place full of dirt or dust. In fact, these things can be a nest egg contamination of the worm. For worm eggs contained in the dust is very easy to wind that swallowed up.

Adults can be affected in the same way or for the spreading of a person suffering from the disease enterobiasis. Transmission will be more apt to occur in the family or the environment like a dormitory.

The process of transmission of intestinal worms may occur through:

  • Transmission from hand to mouth after scratching the area around the buttocks or anus.
  • Transmission from the hands of someone who has been contaminated by worm eggs.