Symptoms and treatment of Gemination

A germination is a form of abnormality in the tooth, where one seed of the tooth is divided into two. This is due to the imperfect separation process during dental development. Thus, when viewed, the crown gig appears to be split but has one root of the tooth.

This disorder can occur in milk teeth and permanent teeth. In Caucasian races more commonly found in milk teeth. Teeth that experience gem Iasi will have abnormalities in shape, size as well as structure, and on permanent teeth are usually found in incisors.

In people with geminations, there will usually be aesthetic disturbances in the teeth. Because the arrangement of teeth is irregular, the arch of the tooth is not symmetrical, which interfere with the growth of teeth next to it.

In this condition, the teeth will also look more distant and easily perforated. This, in turn, will cause patients trouble when going to do dental treatment.

The patient is detected generally when the dental crown looks wider than a normal tooth, with a hollow in the center of the crown. The shape is longitudinally from the crown to the neck of the dental crown, with the number of teeth that remain normal.

In tackling the case of gemination, it takes the involvement of the dentist from various concentrations. Actions that will need to be taken can also vary, depending on location and expansion. For the treatment of teeth affected by gemination, can be done by patching teeth to dental care on a regular basis, including tooth extraction.

In addition, treatment can also be done by way of silk fissure, namely the prevention of dental caries by forming the tooth again and fill the area that is not symmetrical with certain materials for the teeth become more resistant to caries attack teeth. This is often found in molar teeth that have an important role when we eat, which refines the food to be swallowed.

Dental abnormalities such as gemination is a declining disease. Thus, when a family member is exposed to gemination, then most likely his offspring are affected as well.