11 Secrets Hemorrhoids Before You Go

In an event that is earmarked for health reporters, a colorectal surgeon said, “We all have hemorrhoids (piles), at any time,” he said. The statement was certainly surprising – especially for those of you who feel never experienced hemorrhoids.

Want to know more about colorectal surgeon earlier statement, an author of Prevention was then contacted. The doctor went on to explain his statement.

Prevention launched Friday (03/17/2017), here are 11 things you must know (based on the statement of the doctor colorectal) about hemorrhoid, hemorrhoids alias.


1. Everyone has hemorrhoids

“I like to say that to people,” said Alexis Grucela, MD, the colorectal surgeon said, who also is an assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center. “This usually makes them pleasantly surprised!”

However it turns out, hemorrhoids was normal, he said. “It is a network that sustains anal anal canal area,” he continued. Just as the pelvic floor muscles that help prevent urine leaking when you, for example, coughing or laughing, hemorrhoidal tissue to do the same against the stool and gas.

“Only when they become symptomatic was the one people started menyadai existence,” said Grucela. “Usually, they are just doing his job.”


2. Not all people have hemorrhoids are painful

There must be a problem that is very, very big before anal tissue or tissue that normally become sick, itching, or swelling – should you might imagine those patients suffering from hemorrhoids.

Key cause is abdominal pressure, obviously Grucela. It can be caused by straining when in the shower, chronic constipation, abdominal excessive weight, pregnancy, or even a long distance running.

“We think the pressure causes the tissue to become interested and weakened over time,” said Grucela. This requires that vessels of traction in the hemorrhoids so widened, bringing more blood in that area, which then causes hemorrhoids to swell and bleed and hemorrhoids occur.


3. Many people who suffer

About 1 in 20 Americans have hemorrhoids, and risk increases with age. About half of people aged 50 years and over have to deal with this painful problem, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


4. There are two types of hemorrhoids

Namely internal and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids occur just in the anal opening, said Grucela, and they are covered with leather. Because leather-wrapped, they also have the nerve, which means that this is hemorrhoids are accompanied by sensations such as pain, itching, and burning.

Internal hemorrhoids in the anal canal. You certainly can not see them, and because there is leather, you will not feel the symptoms of them.

However, internal hemorrhoids are likely to bleed, and if the situation is very severe, they can get off and get out of the anus.


5. Painful, but not dangerous

Although from the description, sounds very painful hemorrhoids, but symptomatic hemorrhoids are less likely to harm your health. They are completely unrelated to cancer.

The only cause for more serious concern is, when you are constantly bleeding – which can lead to anemia, Grucela said. However, this rarely happens.


6. But that does not mean you do not need to see a doctor

People are quick to draw conclusions, whatever symptoms they felt in the buttocks is hemorrhoids. This makes them the initiative to buy hemorrhoid medicine in pharmacies to treat it. But do not miss a visit to the doctor.

“Especially with internal hemorrhoids, where you could not see where it comes from blood. It could be that it was because of something more serious,” he said. “Anyone with a new bleeding or blood in the stool, should talk to a doctor. We can expect it because of something fundamental, such as hemorrhoids, but these symptoms are also similar to colorectal cancer.”

Not to mention, symptoms are persistent can be caused by other things, such as warts or tear (fissure), which takes care that much different.


7. The best way to avoid hemorrhoids is by monitoring the habits CHAPTER

You should not treat the toilet as a place of refuge, Grucela said. “I see a lot of people who act as if the place was a runaway from work, life, and everything,” he said.

“A lot of people who spend a long time sitting on the toilet, even when they are not really constipated. They play games or read on mobile phones.”

In addition to a very, very dirty, it is also bad for the buttocks. Sit with buttocks open on top of the toilet creates pressure in the anal tissue, which contribute to making the blood gathered and made swollen hemorrhoids.

“CHAPTER good habits is the first step of care for people with hemorrhoids,” said Grucela. “Limit wa


8. Constipation is the main trigger

All the pressure and traction is increased when you constipation can lead to inflamed hemorrhoids. Cure constipation is the second step of the treatment of hemorrhoids, Grucela said.

And the best way to do this is by making sure you are always hydrated. Eating enough fiber to help bind water in the stool.

“In this way, the stool will soften and can come out with a less traumatic way,” he said.

Feces ideal is to be out without effort, you almost did not need washing – although certainly still have. If you are still clogged, may need medication constipation. “But most people can get away with drinking and eating enough fiber.”


9. hemorrhoidal ointment can be of no help

“Most patients do not feel ointment that helps,” said Grucela. If you are looking for a quick way of handling, soak in warm water. Membahasi areas can help iritasinya.

In the event of quite rare, serious hemorrhoids may need to be removed. Doctors use a variety of different techniques to do this, including ligation (which uses rubber for, basically, “strangle” haemorrhoids to off), infrared treatment, and, as a last resort, surgery.

“The operation is simple, but the healing process can be very painful,” said Grucela. “Before taking that path, we usually ensure it maximizes choice. ‘


10. Do not blame spicy food

Spicy foods can indeed cause digestive problems, but hemorrhoids are not one of them.

A chili you will not make hemorrhoids swollen, but they can cause symptoms similar itch.


11. Needless to cancel holidays

Travelers who are known to end up with hemorrhoids often blame this on their road trip, Grucela said. When sitting for hours without doing anything.

“People tend to be constipated when traveling,” he said. “They eat different food and drink, and they might also dehydrated, and they then straining and pressing, and finally bengkaklah hemorrhoids,” he said.

“A lot of drinking water while traveling, or consider to take a fiber supplement or bring constipation medication during the holidays.”